The Top 9 New Romance Book Releases Coming December 2021

It’s that time of year when I get SO excited looking at all the new romance book releases to come this month!

Check out the top 9 new romance book releases I cannot wait to read in December 2021 in my book list below.

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Check out the book list of the most anticipated, new romance book releases for December 2021 from romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

Looking for the best new romance book releases to read this December? Well look no further because I have my most anticipated new releases to share with you below.

While I’m already eagerly awaiting my most anticipated new romance book releases of 2022 to arrive, there are still quite a few new romance books yet to be released in 2021 that we cannot skip!

This book list gives my top 9 most anticipated new romance book releases of December 2021 but many authors (especially indie authors) will also have last minute releases.

Be sure to check out my upcoming new releases page to catch ALL the December 2021 new romance book releases and beyond so you don’t miss a single release.

December 2021 New Release Themes

I’ve been waiting an entire year to get my hands on Penny Reid’s Homecoming King – the first in a new book series. This is actually the month’s only holiday themed release I can’t wait to read as I read A LOT of new Christmas romance book releases in November.

I’m venturing into the cowboy romance trope with Jaci Burton’s latest as it’s been too long since I read one of her books.

This month I’m hoping to catch a college romance, historical romance and a new LGBTQ romance as well.

Is there a new romance book release coming this December that you can’t wait to read? Share in the comments below as I’d love to hear it.

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My Most Anticipated New Romance Book Releases for December 2021

Read Between the Lines
by Rachel Lacey

An LGBTQ Romance
Releasing December 1

Books are Rosie Taft’s life ever since she took over her mother’s beloved Manhattan bookstore. The only thing missing is her own real-life romance like the ones she loves to read about, though she’s hoping the flirty online friendship with lesbian romance author Brie could turn into something more.

Jane Breslin works hard to keep her professional and personal lives neatly separated. By day, she works for the family property development business. By night, she puts her steamier side on paper under her pen name: Brie.

When Rosie learns that her bookstore’s lease has been terminated by Jane’s family’s business, romance moves to the back burner. Even though they’re at odds, there’s no denying the sparks that fly every time they’re together. When their online identities are revealed, will Jane be able to write her way to a happy ending, or is Rosie’s heart a closed book?

I seriously adore any romance book where romance books are a theme to the story. It’s so fun to “see” romance book readers or romance authors finally find their own happily-ever-afters in the pages. I’m hoping this book will claim a spot on my best LGBTQ romance book list!

Come Again is a new romance book release for December 2021.

Come Again
by Lauren Blakely

An Enemies to Lovers Romance
Releasing December 3

When my buddies bet that I couldn’t get the brunette beauty to kiss me before the end of the night, I proved them wrong. Only it turns out that woman is my brand-new enemy.

You know what they say. Keep your enemies closer. WellI make sure to keep her close to my favorite body part. Everything is fun and games…until I gamble something I can’t afford to lose. My heart.

Oh my goodness. I think Lauren Blakely turns up the heat with this one! I have a feeling this enemies to lovers book is going to have some hot chemistry and I’m all in.

My Bad Decisions
by Carrie Ann Ryan

A Surprise Pregnancy Romance
Releasing December 7

The first time he kissed me, we kept it a secret. Tanner and I have been at each other’s throats ever since. The second time he kissed me, I told myself not to fall. I should have known something burned beneath the surface and I couldn’t resist him.

The third time led to something more and now one positive test later, neither one of us can walk away. Only when his past sheds light on every difference we’ve chosen to ignore, we’ll have to fight for each other, or lose everything before we’ve even had a chance.

I love a good college romance and it’s high time I check out this series by Carrie Ann Ryan that’s been on my TBR list for quite awhile. The first book of the series is currently free so check it out too.

Jock Romeo is a most anticipated new romance book release coming December 2021.

Jock Romeo
by Sara Ney

A Fake Relationship Romance
Releasing December 9

Roman Whitaker is every girl’s best friend. An easy-going nice guy, he’s moving out of his parents’ house for the first time and into off-campus housing with two complete strangers.

Rome may be wicked smart, but math and science will only get him so far, and they certainly won’t land him a first date with the girl of his dreams.

Lilly Howard is tired of being taken for granted. She’s sick of playing nice. When she bumps into Rome, they become instant friends. When he asks her to be his fake girlfriend to keep his family off his back, she agrees—but only if he’ll return the favor.

I adored the first books in this series so I can’t help but continue with it. Plus, I love a good fake relationship story. And one with a math geek – I’m so there!

Western Waves is anew romance book release from Brittainy Cherry coming December 2021.

Western Waves
by Brittainy C. Cherry

A Marriage of Convenience Romance
Releasing December 9

Damian Blackstone didn’t care about my existence. He came into my world for one reason only. He came to find answers about his past.

Which was why I couldn’t understand my step-father setting it up in his will for Damian and me to be married. If we didn’t wed, all of my family’s inheritance would be donated to charity.

I wasn’t certain I’d be able to live with a man like Damian, but make no mistake, he wasn’t the monster in this story. Damian danced with the darkness, but I submersed myself within it.

Oh, I am so intrigued by this one! I really can’t wait to see what Ms. Cherry has in store with Damian and this marriage of convenience story. I’m not sure how dark this one will be but I’m game.

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Homecoming King is a new romance book release coming December 2021.

Homecoming King
by Penny Reid

A Holiday Romance
Releasing December 14

Rex “TW” McMurtry is sick of being the guy before the husband, and he’s most definitely sick of being the best man at all their weddings. He may be a pro-football defensive end for the Chicago Squalls, but the press only wants to talk about how he’s always a groomsman and never a groom.

Bartender Abigail McNerny is the gal-pal, the wing-woman, the woman who tried dating once and found it more than enough. Embracing contentment over commitment, Abby is convinced no one on earth could ever entice her into a romantic relationship . . . except that one guy she’s loved since preschool.

I’ve been so excited for this book since Reid announced it last year. It’s finally here and I cannot wait to see what she does with this football player. I’m hoping it has similar vibes to her Knitting in the City series which I loved so much!

Wildcat is an upcoming romance book release from Rebecca Jenshak for December 2021.

by Rebecca Jenkshaw

A Hockey Romance
Releasing December 14

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t realize the sassy brunette serving me shots was Scarlett Miller, the youngest daughter of the Wildcat’s head coach. Maybe if I had, I would have walked away because everyone knows you don’t mess with the coach’s daughter.

I know not to get involved with players, but I had no idea the guy I was with was none other than Leo Lohan, Wildcats star forward. I’ve had my heart broken one too many times by professional athletes except Leo is making it his mission to remind me just how good we were together.

Hockey romance? Check! Case of mistaken identity? Check! Forbidden romance? Check! Seems like I’m all in with this one. It’s been way too long since I read a hockey romance so I’m hoping Jenkshaw delivers a great one.

Brazen is an upcoming romance book release from jaci Burton coming December 2021.

by Jaci Burton

A Cowboy Romance
Releasing December 21

Ranch owner Jolene Mcmasters is used to going after what she wants until she gets it. And what she wants is ranch foreman Walker Morgan. The only problem is Walker can’t afford to lose his job by getting too familiar with his boss. And getting intimate with Jolene is the last thing on his mind–or maybe it’s all that’s been on his mind lately, which could be a career ender for him.

But Jolene wears Walker down and soon the two of them are together if only in private. Jolene wants more, but Walker holds a secret that could end his relationship with Jolene for good. Can Jolene trust in her love for Walker, or will this secret break her heart?

Jaci Burton was one of the first authors that I binge-read when I first fell in love with the romance genre. It’s high time I return to her books and this cowboy romance sounds like the perfect choice to do so.

A Scoundrel of Her Own is an upcoming romance book release in December 2021.

A Scoundrel of her Own
by Stacey Reid

A Historical Romance
Releasing December 28

Lady Ophelia Darby exists in two worlds. In one, she is the impudent, willful daughter of a powerful marquess and darling of the ton. In the other, she moves through the underworld’s shadows as songstress Lady Starlight, protected only by the notoriously wealthy scoundrel Devlin Byrne.

But when she stumbles upon her beloved father’s darkest secrets, the line between her two worlds quickly blurs. Now she needs the help of the one man a lady should never trust.

It’s undeniable that Devlin Byrne is a dangerous temptation—but just as Ophelia begins to trust him, maybe even fall for him, she discovers she’s not the only one with secrets. And his would lead her down more than just the path of scandal.

Any historical romance that gives a hint of a potential scandal has me hooked. Stacey Reid’s been on my must read list of historical romance authors for quite some time and I’m excited to see what she has in store for Lady Ophelia and Devlin.

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