Out on a Limb by Hannah Bonam-Young: My Review

Out on a Limb is Hannah Bonam-Young’s newest release and I’m sharing ALL my thoughts and feelings about this contemporary romance that is a must-read for all romance fans.

Check out my book review of Out on a Limb below and see why this book deserves a spot on your TBR list.

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Out on a Limb by Hannah Bonam-Young is a new #OwnVoices romance book. Check out the review by She Reads Romance Books to see if it's a romance book worth reading.

Out on a Limb
by Hannah Bonam-Young

Category: Contemporary Romance
Tags: Surprise Pregnancy Romance, Friends to Lovers, Diversity, #OwnVoices, Forced Proximity, Roommates to Lovers
Published July 2023
Amazon Goodreads
Rating: ★★★★★
Boyfriend Rating: 💍💍💍💍💍

Out on a Limb Summary:

Winnifred “Win” McNulty has always been wildly independent. Not one to be coddled for her limb difference, Win has spent most of her life trying to prove that she can do it all on her own.

And, with some minor adjustments, she’s done just fine.

That is until she has a one-night stand with the incredibly charming Bo, a perfect stranger. And that one night changes everything.

While Bo is surprisingly elated to step up to the plate, Win finds herself unsure of whether she can handle this new challenge on her own or if she’ll need a helping hand.

Together, Win and Bo decide to get to know one another as friends and nothing more. But, as they both should know by now, life rarely goes according to plan.

Out on a Limb: My Review

Hannah Bonam-Young keeps churning out amazing romance books, proving that she is a must-read author in the genre.

She captivated me after reading Next to You, so I could not wait to read Out on a Limb.

Of course, my first thought when reading this book was “Finally we have more representation within the romance genre.” However, this book is so much more than just its look at limb difference.

I absolutely love how Hannah wanted to write about two people who love each other so much that they are able to change the negative thought patterns they’ve held onto and embrace their differences fully. And, that it was written from someone who experiences limb difference.

This truly is a book about “disabled joy” as she calls it because Win and Bo are two amazing characters who are so much more than her small hand and his leg prosthesis.

It’s not really a secret that this book uses the surprise pregnancy trope. And to be honest, the surprise pregnancy trope is not really one of my favorites, but Hannah used this trope so well to bring out these amazing characters and create such a beautiful love story.

Win and Bo’s one-night stand was pretty incredible for both of them in more ways than one, and the rest of their love story is them playing catch-up to those feelings, and taking the time to finally admit to themselves that they found their soulmate that one special Halloween night.

I love romance authors who use the littlest details to bring out their characters’ character and to propel the love story. There were so many gems and one-liners that just stole my heart while reading this book.

Win’s friendship with Sarah and Caleb was very special and unique but I especially loved Bo’s backstory and how that came to be fully flushed out by the end of the story.

It really helped me come to understand this man and the care that he always showed Winnifred.

When you have great writing and wonderful characters, you really don’t need to depend on a lot of drama to carry the story.

I love that I was just along for the ride watching Win and Bo fall fully in love without any undue angst.

This book is not to be missed. Read it for its beautiful love story. Read it to finally see some special characters with ability differences that are way more than just their difference.

Read it for the laughter, for the steaminess or just read it because it’s a great love story. You won’t regret it. Definitely one of the best romance novels of 2023!

*I received an advanced reader copy. All opinions are my own.

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