Drive by Kate Stewart: My Book Review of this Epic Romance

Check out my book review of Kate Stewart’s epic romance book: Drive. If you love rock stars and love triangles that you won’t soon forget, discover what is in store with this book.

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Drive by Kate Stewart is considered one of the best romance books to release in 2017. It’s an amazing rock star romance that features an unforgettable love triangle. Read the book review by romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

by Kate Stewart

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Rating: ★★★★★

Kate Stewart has now solidified her place as one of my favorite authors. I loved her Underdog series so much that I am now going through her library of past releases because I can’t get enough.

And I LOVED Drive. Like, loved it so much that I couldn’t put it down. The day was so gorgeous and sunny but I had my head in a book – kids ignored and leftovers were served because I had to finish it!

This book tugged at so many of my heartstrings, sometimes to the point where I was like, “Come on Kate!” because this was a love triangle romance – GAH!!

Writing the prologue for Drive was genius. It totally hooked me and had me trying to guess the outcome of this love story at every turn.

The heroine of the story, Stella, lived and breathed music. Her goal in life was to follow the music and write for the likes of Rolling Stone magazine.

As she’s embarking on her path to meet this goal, she ends up meeting two men – Reid, the musician and Nate the newspaper man.

Now I for one find love triangle romances tough reads because I know there’s going to be some serious pain involved unless of the lovers is clearly the wrong choice.

It’s not so black and white in Drive which is what I loved about this story, but it’s also what had me completely tied in knots!

If you are a lover of music as Stella is, can you truly have one favorite song?

Can more than one song touch your heart, making you fall in love with it? If not, then how can you truly love only one man?

“You tell me he’s a good man, fine. I say I can be the better man.”

“You still want the fairytale, but it’s mine to give you, and I can’t give it to you if you’re with the wrong f-ing prince.”

GAH! This book!

I honestly wouldn’t know if it’d be an amazing blessing or a curse to love more than one person at the same time.

Stewart makes me contemplate this constantly in this book.

Did I envy Stella as she had two AMAZING men who loved her or did I feel so, so sorry for her and the difficult decision she ultimately had to make?

I will say though, there were 2 instances in the book that finally sold me on the outcome of the romance, making me believe that the best decision was made.

This book also gives you a look into the music industry and starving artists trying to make it.

It delves into personal transformation, family relationships and soulmates. My one hang up? Reid totally deserved a better best friend – just saying!

I fell hard for all of these characters and my heart is still recovering from the ride. I’m late to the party in reading this book but Kate Stewart has become such a favorite author of mine.

I just wish she’d write a book on Lexi and Ben to complete this saga!

A must read for all romance book readers, especially those who love romance books featuring rock stars and those with love triangles.

I need to add this to my best rock star romance book list! And when you finish Drive, you will want to continue the story with Reverse.

Do you have a favorite Kate Stewart romance novel? Share in your comments below!

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Drive by Kate Stewart is considered one of the best romance books to release in 2017. It’s an amazing rock star romance that features an unforgettable love triangle. Read the book review by romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.
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  1. I just finally read this book last week and I loved it too, but I’m dying to know which two moments were the ones thats old you on who Stella ended up with! I was happy with her choice because she sacrificed less… I think that says what I mean without spoiling it for anyone else haha.


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