Meet Your Match by Kandi Steiner: My Review of the Popular Hockey Romance

Looking for a great hockey romance book? Check out my book review of Meet Your Match by Kandi Steiner to see what I thought of this steamy romance that kicks off a brand-new series!

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Check out She Reads Romance Books' review of Meet Your Match by Kandi Steiner, her latest hockey romance book.

Meet Your Match
by Kandi Steiner

Category: Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance
Tags: Hockey, Sports, Steamy, Forced Proximity, Office Romance, Interracial Couple
Series: Kings of the Ice
Published July 2023
Amazon Goodreads
Rating: ★★★★
Boyfriend Rating: 💍💍💍💍💍

Meet Your Match Summary:

The headline says it all, and my bosses are over the moon when the opportunity of a lifetime lands in my lap.

Of course, they aren’t aware that I’ve already met Vince Cool at an all-star gala — and that we were at each other’s throats the entire time.

It doesn’t matter that he’s the kind of hot that shows God has favorites — messy brown hair, heated hazel eyes, the smirk of a rockstar, and a scar over his eyebrow that makes every woman particularly feral.

He’s a rich, cocky playboy — a brand I’m all too familiar with, and one I’m determined to never be around again.

But after my coverage of the gala stirs up buzz, the team’s General Manager and my CEO strike a deal. To help fill the arena at home games, I’ll get up close and personal with Tampa’s new shiny toy.

Whether he’s at practice, playing in a game, partying, or drinking coffee half-naked in his condo — I’ll be there for all of it.

Vince gets under my skin like no one else. It isn’t long before that paper-thin line between hate and lust blurs, and being around him every waking minute of the day leaves no chance to escape his devilish stare.

The air crackles between us. The tension is hot enough to melt my inhibitions.

But I know the way this story ends. I’ve lived it once before.

As much as I work to guard my heart, my body is a traitor — and if this man puts his hands on me, I know I’ll submit to desire.

I thought one month with Vince Tanev was a game I could win easily. But I might have just met my match.

Meet Your Match: My Review

Clearly, Kandi Steiner has it going on when it comes to sports romance books! I knew she could write about hot football players after reading Blind Side but oh my goodness, is she already rocking it with a hockey romance!

Meet Your Match is the first in the Kings of Ice series, and after reading Vince and Maven’s story, I’m now going to have to read every book that comes after. (I need Daddy P’s ASAP!)

I love this book because the characters love to push each other’s buttons, are total opposites, and yet had the best chemistry together.

It was just a fun, read seeing Maven try to deny her feelings, and Vince realizing she’s the one for him.

And don’t even get me started on how steamy this book is. Holy moly were there some scenes that were H-O-T hot and then some.

Vince was this hotshot rookie hockey player, who could totally back that up with his cocky attitude on the ice and in the bedroom.

It took me a minute to warm up to Maven because she had major walls up, but they were up for a good reason And she was a really cool tough cookie.

It was fun seeing their chemistry build and build while she basically follows his every move to document him and his hockey team for social media.

Steiner gives us just enough of his teammates and her friend to build the foundation of what is sure to be a fantastic series! I cannot wait for Daddy P’s story to see that grieving single dad get his happily-ever-after!

I also loved that Steiner weaves in a really hot scene like the iconic pottery wheel throwing scene in the movie Ghost. It was awesome.

If you love hockey romance books, or simply really steamy romance novels, then I highly recommend this book!

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Check out She Reads Romance Books' book review of Meet Your Match by Kandi Steiner to see what she thinks of this new hockey romance book.
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