Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover: My Summary and Review of one of 2022’s Best Books

Check out my Reminders of Him summary and Reminders of Him review to determine if this Colleen Hoover book is worth reading.

Spoiler alert: Reminders of Him lives up to the hype but check out my review below to learn how!

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Reminders of Him is one of the most popular Colleen Hoover books worth reading. Check out the Reminders of Him summary and review on She Reads Romance Books.

Reminders of Him
by Colleen Hoover

Category: Contemporary Romance
Tags: Strong Hero, Single Parent, Found Family
Published January 2022
Amazon Goodreads
Rating: ★★★★★
Boyfriend Rating: 💍💍💍💍

Reminders of Him Summary:

After serving five years in prison for a tragic mistake, Kenna Rowan returns to the town where it all went wrong, hoping to reunite with her four-year-old daughter.

But the bridges Kenna burned are proving impossible to rebuild. Everyone in her daughter’s life is determined to shut Kenna out, no matter how hard she works to prove herself.

The only person who hasn’t closed the door on her completely is Ledger Ward, a local bar owner and one of the few remaining links to Kenna’s daughter.

But if anyone were to discover how Ledger is slowly becoming an important part of Kenna’s life, both would risk losing the trust of everyone important to them.

The two form a connection despite the pressure surrounding them, but as their romance grows, so does the risk.

Kenna must find a way to absolve the mistakes of her past in order to build a future out of hope and healing.

Reminders of Him Awards: 2022 Goodreads Choice Awards Nominee for Best Romance

Reminders of Him Age Rating: Mature 17+

Reminders of Him Audiobook Narrators: Brittany Pressley and Ryan West

Reminders of Him Characters:

  • Kenna Rowen (ex-con, former boyfriend to Scotty, mother to Diem)
  • Ledger Ward (best friend of Scotty, neighbor to the Landrys)
  • Diem (Kenna and Scotty’s daughter)
  • Grace and Patrick Landry (Scotty’s parents)

Reminders of Him Review

Just when I think Colleen Hoover couldn’t possibly deliver another stellar book, she proves me wrong and does it again with Reminders of Him – one of the best romance novels of 2022 and one of the best Colleen Hoover books in my mind.

Now I had already read It Ends With Us, and It Starts With Us before reading Reminders of Him so to say that my standards for an amazing Colleen Hoover book were high is an understatement.

But after finishing Reminders of Him, I’m even more in awe of this author, and how she can continually tug on all of my heartstrings with her words, her characters, and her stories.

Now I am a romance book lover at heart, but Reminders of Him will appeal, not only to romance book readers, but to any reader of contemporary fiction who loves a strong heroine and an amazing character arc.

Kenna Rowen absolutely steals the show in this book as a young woman who has endured so much, lived through so much, and despite being continually knocked down, does not give up.

She is the epitome of a strong heroine, and I honestly don’t know that I would have been as compassionate, as calm and forgiving, or even as resilient as she proved to be in Reminders of Him.

Kenna is a woman who didn’t grow up with a mother’s love, but ended up finding love with her boyfriend, Scotty. Her time with Scotty was cut short due to a tragic accident with Scotty paying the ultimate price. Kenna honestly didn’t fare much better losing her child and spending five years in prison.

After her release, she takes what little money she has and moves to the town where her daughter, whom she has yet to meet or even see a picture of, is living with Scotty’s parents. Even though she has no parental rights to her daughter, she’s devoted to her and will do anything just to see her.

In this town, Kenna’s tarnished reputation precedes her, and she’s finding it difficult to not only keep a roof on her head, but to even lay eyes on her daughter.

There she runs into Scotty’s former best friend Ledger, who doesn’t know who she is during their first meeting.

I loved the turmoil that Ledger goes through feeling an instant connection to Kenna and also such hatred and betrayal, given what he knows about her. It can’t be easy losing your best friend in such a tragic way and seeing your best friend’s parents suffer as much as they had.

Because he lives across from Scotty’s parents, he’s been with Kenna‘s daughter ever since she was born and has such a close relationship with her, it was beautiful.

At the same time, I can totally commiserate with the Landrys. I can’t even fathom what it would be like to lose a child in such a matter of how they lost Scotty. What a blessing to then have a grandchild, a reminder of your son. But then to have her mother reappear in her life must’ve been so hard.

But I think that’s what I love most about this book. Colleen Hoover does such a great job flushing out each of these characters that you feel what they feel, understand what they feel, and yet wish so much more for all of them.

The best part of Reminders of Him for me was seeing Kenna’s strength, her growth, and her absolute devotion to the daughter that she never met. Simply the name that she chose for her daughter took my breath away.

To help flush out Kenna’s character, Colleen Hoover used letters that she wrote to Scotty, almost daily, to help us understand the past, as well as her path towards self-forgiveness and her ability to process and understand all those affected.

This is definitely a five-star book for me because I loved everything about it. Some people may quibble about the instalove between Kenna and Ledger, but I could see it given how Ledger and Scotty were best friends. I think the ending might have been a little bit abrupt but yet, I loved how it all unfolded. No spoilers!

I highlighted so many passages in this book. Check out some of the best Reminders of Him quotes.

Who Will Love Reminders of Him?

Readers who love books with strong heroines and books with young kids will want to pick up Reminders of Him.

Of course, romance readers will enjoy Reminders of Him, but even if romance isn’t your genre of choice, this is such a great book about humanity and one woman’s strength and devotion.

If you’ve read any previous Colleen Hoover books, then you have to read this one as it’s one of her best. It has all the feels like It Ends With Us and It Starts With Us and made me bawl my eyes out like Ugly Love.

If you are new to Colleen Hoover books, definitely pick up Reminders of Him as her writing only gets better and better with each release.

This is a standalone novel, so give it a read and then check out all the Colleen Hoover books series next.

That’s my Reminders of Him review but what did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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Check out this Reminders of Him summary and review from She Reads Romance Books to determine if Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover is a book worth reading.
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