Historical Romance Series to Devour If You’re in Bridgerton Withdrawal

Discover the best historical romance series to binge read while you’re waiting for the next season of Bridgerton to premiere!

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Discover the best historical romance series to read while you wait for the next Bridgerton TV series to premiere.

If you’re going through Bridgerton withdrawal while waiting for the next season to be released, why not devour another historical romance series?

Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series is fantastic, but it’s only ONE of the best historical romance series worth reading.

If ALL of the historical book series below could be made into TV series like Bridgerton, I would be so happy and we’d all be better off for it!

What Makes a Great Historical Romance Series?

There are so many aspects to historical romance novels that make them fantastic reads but when an author writes an entire series, it’s a true gift.

Great World Building

Delving into an entire historical romance series, gives you the opportunity to enter into a whole new world.

Standalone historical romance novels of course deliver this as well, taking you back to a different era of our history, but historical romance series have the opportunity to expand on the setting and era of the novels.

Historical romance authors are often great historians, weaving in so much historical authenticity to their fictional world building that you feel as if you truly are living in a different time period right along with the characters!

Family Ties

Historical romance series also give you a chance to spend more time with a beloved character or family.

Too often when I’m reading a great book, I’m hesitant to get to the happily-ever-after because it means that I have to say goodbye to characters that have captured my heart.

With an entire series of books, you’re given the opportunity to revisit favorite characters again and again.

The Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series is a great example of this. Each subsequent book in the series focuses on a new family member but you get glimpses of other family members you’ve come to love from past books in the series as well.

Of course, both of these qualities make historical romance series the perfect fodder for new TV series that can bring these novels to life on screen.

But until a TV producer takes notice, you can just sit back and enjoy reading these historical romance series.

Historical Romance Series to Devour

Bridgerton Series
by Julia Quinn

The Duke and I book cover - a romance book made into a TV series
The Viscount Who Loved Me book cover.
An Offer From a Gentleman book cover.
Romancing Mr. Bridgerton book cover.
To Sir Phillip With Love book cover
When He Was Wicked book cover
Its In His Kiss book cover
On the Way to the Wedding book cover
The Bridgertons Happily Ever After

Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series is a great series to kick start your binge-reading whether you’ve watched the Netflix TV show or not.

Set in England between 1813 and 1827, this historical romance series follows eight, alphabetically named siblings in finding their own happily-ever-after.

The series kicks off with the fourth-born sibling and eldest daughter, Daphne, who is out in society and in search of a love match when it comes to finding a betrothed.

She ends up meeting her brother’s best friend, Simon, the Duke of Hastings and entering into a mutually beneficial fake relationship to help her win the attentions of well-intentioned suitors.

If you like to be swept away in this historical time period of high society balls and gossip among the ton, courtesy of an unknown Lady Whistledown, then you can’t go wrong with this series.

Don’t miss my list of the Bridgerton books in order or my list of books like Bridgerton as well as all of the Julia Quinn books in order!

Amazon | Goodreads

The Ravenels Series
by Lisa Kleypas

Cold Hearted Rake book cover
Marrying Winterborne book cover.
Devil in Spring book cover
Hello Stranger book cover
Devils Daughter book cover
Chasing Cassandra book cover.
Devil in Disguise is one of the best summer reads of 2021. Check out all of the best books to read this summer in this book list.

The Ravenels is another perfect historical romance series like Bridgerton to devour that takes you back to London’s high society where women of strong wills meet their match in the men who fall for them.

This series also offers some crossover with Kleypas’ Wallflower series which is just as good and binge-worthy.

The series kicks off with Devon Ravenel who unexpectedly inherits an earldom from his cousin.

The estate however also comes with the late earl’s three sisters and a young widow who catches the attention of the notorious rake.

If you like historical romances with intriguing storylines and a large cast of characters, then the Ravenels are for you. I also think this series would make an excellent romance book TV series!

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Outlander Series
by Diana Gabaldon

Outlander is one of the best fantasy romance books worth reading. Check out the entire list of She Reads Romance Books’ favorite fantasy romance books and the most popular in the category.
Dragonfly in Amber book cover.
Voyager book cover.
Drums of Autumn book cover.
The Fiery Cross book cover.
A Breath of Snow and Ashes is a romance book being made into a TV series. Check out the full list of romance books to movies and TV series coming in 2021
An Echo in the Bone is a romance book being made into a TV series. Check out the full list of romance books to movies and TV series coming in 2021
Written in My Own Heart's Blood book cover.
Go Tell the Bees that I Am Gone book cover

The Outlander series was one of the first romance series I devoured from start to finish (well finish until the next book is ready for release!).

It begins with Claire Fraser, a combat nurse who returns from the war in 1945 to travel with her husband on a second honeymoon to Scotland.

There she encounters a stone circle that carries her back in time to 1743 where she meets a group of highlanders, including a young warrior who steals her heart.

If you take this on this historical romance series, be prepared to be immersed in this world for weeks.

The series includes nine books with the tenth one in production. To say that Gabaldon’s books are epic is an understatement with Written in My Own Heart’s Blood coming in well over 800 pages.

Check out the entire list of Outlander books in order so you don’t miss a single book!

I can’t recommend this historical romance series enough for its amazing romance between Claire and Jamie but also for its incredibly detailed historical events that lead up to the time of the battle of Culloden.

As an added bonus, once you delve into this historical romance series you can tune in to watch the TV series on Starz which is fantastic!

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The McCabe Trilogy
by Maya Banks

In Bed With a Highlander book cover
Seduction of a Highland Lass book cover.
Never Love a Highlander book cover.

Check out the McCabe Trilogy if you’re interested in another historical romance series set in the Scottish highlands.

This series follows three brothers—Ewan, Alaric, and Caelen and what they’d do to save their clan.

The first book in the series, follows the eldest brother, Ewan, who rescues Mairin and proposes a marriage of convenience to save her from worse prospects only wanting her dowry.

I absolutely loved this series and these Highlanders!

Once you finish this series, you’ll also need to check out Banks’ other historical romance series featuring unforgettable Scottish men in the Montgomerys and Armstrongs series.

Amazon | Goodreads

Wild Wicked Highlanders Series
by Suzanne Enoch

It's Getting Scot in Here book cover.
Scot Under the Covers by Suzanne Enoch is a historical romance releasing in January 2020. Full review by popular romance book reader, She Reads Romance Books.
Hit Me With Your Best Scot is the all-new historical romance novel by romance book author, Suzanne Enoch. A rugged Scotsman is tasked with finding an English wife in 27 days to save his lands and he’s not happy about tit. Check out the book review from romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books, to see if this is a historical romance novel worth reading

Enoch’s Wild Wicked Highlanders series is another historical romance series featuring three Scottish brothers.

Coll, Aden and Niall MacTaggert are out of place among the ton in London, but they have one season to find English brides in order to save their Scottish lands.

I really enjoyed this series that pits heroes uninterested in marriage in the line of sight of the women who change their minds.

The first in the series finds London socialite Amelia-Rose Baxter introduced to and set up with the eldest brother, Coll, however it’s the youngest brother, Niall who ends up falling for the irresistible woman.

Amazon | Goodreads

The Westmoreland Dynasty Saga
by Judith McNaught

Whitney My Love book cover
A Kingdom of Dreams book cover.
Until You book cover.
Miracles historical romance book cover.

The Westmoreland Dynasty Saga is a beloved historical romance series that also features characters from McNaught’s Sequels series giving you two unforgettable series to devour.

The series begins when Whitney Stone returns to England with plans to marry her childhood sweetheart, only to discover her bankrupt father has promised her to Clayton Westmoreland, the Duke of Claymore.

Amazon | Goodreads

Girl Meets Duke Series
by Tessa Dare

The Duchess Deal historical romance book cover.
The Governess Game historical romance book cover.
The Wallflower Wager historical romance book cover.

The Girl Meets Duke series is the perfect series to read if you have a thing for Dukes.

The historical romance series kicks off with The Duchess Deal which was a nominee for Best Romance Book in the 2017 Goodreads Choice Awards.

When the Duke of Ashbury returns from war, his sole focus is an heir and for that he needs a wife.

When he meets the vicar’s daughter, he proposes a deal to which she proposes her own stipulations, never imagining the result would be finding love.

Amazon | Goodreads

Rogues and Remarkable Women Series
by Vanessa Riley

A Duke, the Lady, and a Baby historical romance book cover.
An Earl, the Girl and a Toddler historical romance book cover.
A Duke, the Spy and Artist and a Lie is a new romance book release coming in March 2022

The name alone for this series makes it one to read in my book. I definitely have a thing for rogues and I absolutely love historical romance novels that feature strong, remarkable women.

This series is the perfect match of both!

This historical romance series kicks off with a West Indian heiress, Patience Jordan, losing everything when she questions her English husband’s mysterious suicide.

Wanting to be close to her newborn son, she gets hired as her son’s own nanny in the house of his new guardian, Busick Strathmore, Duke of Repington.

The two soon become unexpected allies and discover an unexpected passion.

Amazon | Goodreads

Wilderness Series
by Sara Donati

Into the Wilderness historical romance book cover.
Dawn On a Distant Shore historical romance book cover.
Lake in the Clouds historical romance book cover.
Fire Along the Sky historical romance book cover.
Queen of Swords historical romance book cover.
The Endless Forest historical romance book cover.

I’ll admit that I started reading this historical romance series when I heard that Claire Fraser from Outlander made an appearance!

But I continued reading it because it is a fascinating story of American frontier life and a look into the strife between villagers and the Mohawk Nation.

The series begins with Elizabeth leaving her home in England to join her family in a remote New York mountain village.

Once there she falls for a white man who lives with the Mohawk people even though she is promised to another.

Amazon | Goodreads

The Bareknuckle Bastards
by Sarah MacClean

Wicked and the Wallflower historical romance book cover.
Brazen and the Beast historical romance book cover.
Daring the Duke historical romance book cover.

The Bareknuckle Bastards series takes you to the streets of London with stories that follow three brothers and the women who bring them to their knees.

In the first book of the series, Devil enlists the help of a wallflower to enact his plans for revenge only he doesn’t anticipate falling for her as well. Read this series and then check out all of Sarah MacLean’s books.

Amazon | Goodreads

Save This for Later:

Check out these historical romance series worth reading if you’re going through Bridgerton withdrawal.

The Loyal League Series
by Alyssa Cole

An Extraordinary Unionhistorical romance book cover.
A Hope Divided historical romance book cover.
An Unconditional Freedom historical romance book cover.

If London’s high society or the Scottish Highlands aren’t your thing, then perhaps a historical romance series set during the times of the American Civil War will do.

Cole’s The Loyal League series begins with the story of two undercover agents. Elle and Malcolm both find themselves as spies sent to infiltrate the Confederacy.

Joining forces to fight a common enemy, will they be able to preserve the Union and their forbidden love?

Amazon | Goodreads

A League of Extraordinary Women Series
by Evie Dunmore

Bringing Down the Duke historical romance book cover.
A Rogue of One's Own historical romance book cover.
Portrait of a Scotsman historical romance book cover.
The Gentleman's Gambit is book four in the The League of Extraordinary Women by Evie Dunmore which is one of the best historical romance series worth reading.

Immerse yourself in the time period of Victorian England with this historical romance series by Dunmore where women are out to change the world.

These books follow the extraordinary suffragists ready to take on the world and end up finding love in the process.

In the first novel, Annabelle Archer, a vicar’s daughter, takes on a Duke to change the British social order and support the women’s suffragist movement.

Amazon | Goodreads

Wedded by Scandal Series
by Stacy Reid

Accidentally Compromising the Duke historical romance book cover.
Wicked in His Arms historical romance book cover.
How to Marry a Marquess historical romance book cover.
When the Earl Met His Match historical romance book cover.

Escape to 19th century England in this historical romance series that doesn’t shy away from scandal.

In the first book, Adeline is determined to escape marriage to a repugnant earl and sets out to entrap herself in marriage to another, more kinder man. Only she ends up sneaking into the wrong chamber – the one of the mad Duke.

Amazon | Goodreads

Bedwyn Saga
by Mary Balogh

Slightly Married historical romance book cover.
Slightly Wicked historical romance book cover.
Slighlty Scandalous historical romance book cover.
Slightly Tempted historical romance book cover.
Slightly Sinful historical romance book cover.
Slightly Dangerous historical romance book cover.

The Bedwyn Saga follows six siblings and their road to finding love while managing high society and courting scandal.

This historical romance series starts with the second son, Aidan Bedwyn who’s loyalty drives him to honor a dying soldier’s wish to protect his sister.

His protection turns into a marriage of convenience that gradually moves from business arrangement to love match.

Amazon | Goodreads

Difficult Dukes Series
by Loretta Chase

A Duke in Shining Armor historical romance book cover.
Ten Things I Hate About the Duke historical romance book cover.

The Difficult Dukes series is aptly named as this historical romance series follows Dukes who don’t always show the most upstanding behavior in society.

The Duke of Ripley is the first Duke of acclaim in this series who’s not known for his virtue but who tries to do the right thing in returning his best friend’s disappearing intended to the groom.

Amazon | Goodreads

The Lairds Fiances Series
by Julie Garwood

The Bride historical romance book cover.
The Secret historical romance book cover.

Travel back in time to medieval Scotland in this classic historical romance series.

The Lairds Fiances kicks off with The Bride in which Scottish Laird, Alec Kincaid is summoned by his king to take an English bride. And yet in taking her wedding vows, Jamie makes her own oath to never surrender her heart to the Highlander.

Amazon | Goodreads

The Bronze Horseman Trilogy
by Paulina Simons

The Bronze Horseman historical romance book cover.
Tatiana and Alexander historical romance book cover.
The Summer Garden historical romance book cover.

If you’re interested in a more “modern” historical romance series, then the Bronze Horseman Trilogy is a great choice.

This popular series takes place in the 1940s as Hitler’s armies attack Russia.

While camped out in an apartment with her family, Tatiana meets Alexander, an officer in the Red Army. Despite the desperation and starvation of the German threat the two fall in love.

Amazon | Goodreads

Do you have a favorite historical romance series? Share in the comments below!

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  1. If y’all want a slowburn, enemies to lovers, historical romance, you could aslo check out Storm and Silence by Robert Thier. The first five books are already published. There are seven books as of now, the seventh book is still in progress, but the other six could also be found in wattpad or the first five books can be bought on amazon. <3

    Here's the books description if y'all are curious about it:

    Freedom—that is what Lilly Linton wants most in life. Not marriage, not a brood of squalling brats, and certainly not love, thank you very much!
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