9 New Romance Book Releases Coming December 2023 That Will End Your Year Right

As 2023 comes to a close, why not snuggle up with a few new romance book releases that will give you all the feels before bringing in the new year?  

As an obsessed romance book lover, I always hunt down the best new romance book releases to look forward to each and every month and I love sharing them with you so you know what to add to your TBR list.

For each book on the list, I include the book summary as well as my thoughts on why I can’t wait to read it so you can determine if you want to read it too.

For even more new romance book releases to read, don’t miss my upcoming releases page or my previous monthly release book posts.

Happy reading, because life is better with a love story…

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Worthy of Steel is a new romance book release from Elodie Weston.

Maddox “Stone” Cartwright earned his road name by never showing any emotion while serving as his MC’s ruthless enforcer. Then one night he met a woman who made him lose control, but she was gone as quickly as he had her.

Sadie King had a rough childhood but she’s built a great life despite not finding the right guy to give her the happily ever after she’s always wanted. The problem is, a hot biker left his fingerprints on her years ago and none of the nice guys she’s dating compare.

When Sadie and Stone reconnect years after their first encounter, their off-the-charts chemistry is still there, but this isn’t an easy love story where that’s all it takes to get a fairy tale ending.

Check out Worthy of Steel: A Must-Read MC Romance!

The Most Anticipated New Romance Books Releasing in December 2023:

The Fake Mate is one of the new romance book releases coming December 2023. See all that's new in romance on She Reads Romance Books.

The Fake Mate
by Lana Ferguson

Fake Relationship Romance
Releasing December 5, 2023

Mackenzie Carter has had some very bad dates lately. Model train experts, mansplainers, guys weirdly obsessed with her tail—she hasn’t had a successful date in months.

Only a year out of residency, her grandmother’s obsession with Mackenzie finding the perfect mate to settle down with threatens to drive Mackenzie barking mad.

Out of options, it feels like a small thing to tell her grandmother that she’s met someone. That is, until she blurts out the name of the first man she sees and the last man she would ever date: Noah Taylor, the big bad wolf of Denver General.

Noah Taylor, interventional cardiologist and all-around grump, has spent his entire life hiding what he is.

With outdated stigmas surrounding unmated alphas that have people wondering if they still howl at the moon, Noah has been careful to keep his designation under wraps.

It’s worked for years, until an anonymous tip has everything coming to light. Noah is left with two options: come clean to the board and risk his career—or find himself a mate.

The chatty, overly friendly ER doctor asking him to be her fake boyfriend on the same day he’s called to meet the board has to be kismet, right?

Mackenzie will keep her grandmother off her back, and Noah will get a chance to prove he can continue to work without a real mate—a mutually beneficial business transaction, they both rationalize.

But when the fake-mate act turns into a very real friends-with-benefits arrangement, lines start to blur, and they quickly realize love is a whole different kind of animal.

This new romance book release made my list because I already read it and LOVED it! I have a real love of werewolf romance books and this one totally hit the spot with an alpha werewolf and omega werewolf who pretend their mates to get everyone off their backs.

My favorite part is how scent played such a role in their chemistry and connection. The heat between these two was also off the charts and made this super spicy. You’ll love it!

Find out more about what I loved about this book in my book review of The Fake Mate.

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My Darling Bride is one of the new romance book releases coming December 2023. See all that's new in romance on She Reads Romance Books.

My Darling Bride
by Ilsa Madden-Mills

Marriage of Convenience Romance
Releasing December 5, 2023

On a normal day, Emmaline Darling isn’t a car thief. She’s just a simple girl who runs a bookstore and adores cats.

But when she’s stranded in the desert and needs to get away from her dangerous ex-boyfriend, she picks her only option: swiping the keys to a famous football player’s Lamborghini and speeding away.

Football star Graham Harlan is in chaos. First, he took a hit on the field that almost ended his life, and now he’s promised his brother he’ll get married to secure the family inheritance. Trouble is he isn’t even seeing anyone.

Then a mystery woman steals his car. With his usual stubbornness, he tracks her all the way to Manhattan and gives her an ultimatum: marry me or I’ll press charges.

Her choice is obvious, only neither of them expect the sparks that ignite between them.

As the end of their arrangement looms, will Graham take a chance on love or let his darling walk away forever?

There’s just something about a football romance book by Ilsa Madden-Mills that just hits the spot! I love her new adult football romances like The Revenge Pact and her Waylon University series but she also delights in this romance with an NFL stud.

While I wasn’t sure about Graham’s reasoning for the marriage of convenience, I just went with it and fell for him and Emmaline who has a heart of gold. Plus she’s a bookstore owner so love that!

If you’re a fan of marriage of convenience books, give this one a try and check out my entire book review of My Darling Bride.

Where It Begins is one of the new romance book releases coming December 2023. See all that's new in romance on She Reads Romance Books.

Where It Begins
by Helena Hunting

Single Parent Novella
Releasing December 5, 2023

I accidentally grabbed the wrong drink at the coffee shop. On the upside, the hot guy it belonged to chased me down to kindly swap with me. On the down side, the reason I grabbed the wrong drink in the first place is because the hot guy had just caught me checking out his ass…sets.

In my defense, his rear view is rather magnificent.

In true, humiliating form, I word-vomited a bunch of horrible nonsense. Including an unnecessary explanation of the trauma I’d evaded thanks to his chasing me down. Nothing could ruin my lactose-intolerant day faster than my one true nemesis: dairy.

I did not expect him to ask me out on a date after that. I also didn’t expect the date to go well since my tendency to truth-vomit is high, and not everyone finds that quality endearing.

But apparently he does. Because he asks me out again. And again. Sidney Butterson (yes, it’s a weird last name) ticks all my boxes. He’s smart, he’s funny, he’s employed and he’s ridiculously hot.
There’s one catch. We’re both single parents. With teens.

And if our kids don’t like each other? Well, we’re doomed.

How cool is this that Helena Hunting has written a prequel to her Pucked series?! The Pucked series has some of my most favorite hockey romance books including Violet and Miller’s stories, but now we get to see them as teens!

I cannot wait to check out this untold story of Skye and Sidney which should be a must-read for anyone who loved this series.

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Raiders of the Lost Heart is one of the new romance book releases coming December 2023. See all that's new in romance on She Reads Romance Books.

Raiders of the Lost Heart
by Jo Segura

Academic Rivals to Lovers Romance
Releasing December 5, 2023

Archaeologist Dr. Socorro “Corrie” Mejía has a bone to pick. Literally. It’s been Corrie’s life goal to lead an expedition deep into the Mexican jungle in search of the long-lost remains of her ancestor, Chimalli, an ancient warrior of the Aztec empire. But when she is invited to join an all-expenses-paid dig to do just that, Corrie is sure it’s too good to be true…and she’s right.

As the world-renowned expert on Chimalli, by rights Corrie should be leading the expedition, not sharing the glory with her disgustingly handsome nemesis.

But Dr. Ford Matthews has been finding new ways to best her since they were in grad school. Ford certainly isn’t thrilled either—with his life in shambles, the last thing he needs is a reminder of their rocky past.

But as the dig begins, it becomes clear they’ll need to work together when they realize a thief is lurking around their campsite, forcing the pair to keep their discoveries—and lingering attraction—under wraps.

With money-hungry artifact smugglers, the Mexican authorities, and the lies between them closing in, there’s only one way this all ends—dangerously.

Straight up honesty, this book totally caught my eye because of the title and cover. I’m a huge Indian Jones fan so I’m loving that this book is giving me all those vibes from the movie I love to watch over and over.

Plus, I can’t say that I’ve read a romance that features an archaeologist so I’m totally digging the heroine in this story 😊.

But of course I also rarely pass up an intriguing enemies to lovers story so I’ve got high hopes for this one.

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Fake-ish is one of the new romance book releases coming December 2023. See all that's new in romance on She Reads Romance Books.

by Winter Renshaw

Second Chance Romance
Releasing December 5, 2023

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride—and that’s the way I like it. I may be anti-marriage, but I’m still pro-romance. Case in point? That hot curmudgeon I met last year during my cousin’s tropical bachelorette getaway.

That grump was Dorian, the groom’s old college roommate, there for the bachelor party. I couldn’t get enough of his messy brown hair and gorgeous turquoise eyes. We connected on a deep level—emotionally and physically.

But the timing wasn’t right. So we made a pact to reconnect in two years. Now I’m starting a new “job.” It’ll take a lot of work and pays really well—I’m talking seven figures here. All I have to do is pretend to be my boss’s new fiancée…and spend eight weeks with his family on their private island. How hard could it be?

Turns out, a lot harder than I thought. Because the man I’m pretending to love? He’s Dorian’s brother, and now all bets are off.

OMG what is not to love about this new romance book release? I cannot wait to see the look on both of their faces when they meet again only with her pretending to be Dorian’s brother’s fiancé. Gah!

I’m such a sucker for fake relationship romance books but I also love the slight second chance romance angle of this one. Bring it on.

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Heartstopper Volume 5 is one of the new romance book releases coming December 2023. See all that's new in romance on She Reads Romance Books.

Heartstopper #5
by Alice Oseman

Romance Graphic Novel
Releasing December 19

Nick and Charlie are very much in love. They’ve finally said those three little words, and Charlie has almost persuaded his mum to let him sleep over at Nick’s house… but with Nick going off to university next year, is everything about to change?

My kids are totally hooked on graphic novels but so am I! Whether you’ve already gotten hooked on Nick and Charlie from the romance graphic novels or from the TV show on Netflix, Heartstopper #5 is finally here and I cannot wait.

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Ruthless Vows is book two in the Divine Rivals series by Rebecca Ross. Discover all the Divine Rivals books in order on She Reads Romance Books.

Ruthless Vows
by Rebecca Ross

Fantasy Romance
Releasing December 26, 2023

Two weeks have passed since Iris Winnow returned home bruised and heartbroken from the front, but the battle is far from over.

Roman is missing, and the city of Oath continues to dwell in a state of disbelief and ignorance.

When Iris and Attie are given another chance to report on Dacre’s movements, they both take the opportunity and head westward once more despite the danger, knowing it’s only a matter of time before the conflict reaches a city that’s unprepared and fracturing beneath the chancellor’s reign.

Since waking below in Dacre’s realm, Roman cannot remember his past. But given the reassurance that his memories will return in time, Roman begins to write articles for Dacre, uncertain of his place in the greater scheme of the battle.

When a strange letter arrives by wardrobe door, Roman is first suspicious, then intrigued.

As he strikes up a correspondence with his mysterious pen pal, Roman will soon have to make a decision: to stand with Dacre or betray the god who healed him.

And as the days grow darker, inevitably drawing Roman and Iris closer together…the two of them will risk their very hearts and futures to change the tides of the battle.

So, I totally don’t want to wish away the weeks leading up to the holidays, nor do I want Christmas to come and go in a blink of an eye and yet I kind of do so that I can get my hands on this final book to the Divine Rivals series!

I totally fell for Roman and Iris in Divine Rivals but it left on such a good cliffhanger that I’m chomping at the bit to learn more about Roman’s fate and the mystery of the magical typewriters!

If you haven’t yet read Divine Rivals, there is still time before Ruthless Vows releases. Check out my book review of Divine Rivals to learn more.

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Second Duke's the Charm is one of the new romance book releases coming December 2023. See all that's new in romance on She Reads Romance Books.

Second Duke’s the Charm
by Kate Bateman

Historical Romance
Releasing December 26, 2023

The wedding-night loss of her much older husband left Tess Townsend the Dowager Duchess of Wansford—and still a virgin. Now she and her two best friends investigate London’s most scandalous crimes, and while Tess longs to experience physical pleasure for herself, she can’t risk losing her treasured independence.

Cynical shipping magnate Justin Thornton never expected to inherit a dukedom, but he’ll do his duty. When the ravishing woman he kissed at a party turns out to be the Dowager Duchess, Justin sees an obvious solution: a marriage of convenience that will suit them both.

But the passion that sparks between them is anything but convenient. As Tess works on a new case at the request of Queen Charlotte, her increasingly suspicious behavior makes Justin question her motives—and her past.

The infuriating woman clearly can’t be trusted, but Justin doesn’t believe in love, so there’s absolutely no danger of him falling for his own wife…is there?

It’s never a hardship to read a historical romance novel with a strong heroine – especially one who is looking to experience pleasure like Tess.

I’m intrigued by her work as an investigator but am most excited to see the sparks between her and Justin that burn in their marriage of convenience!

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On the Plus Side is one of the most anticipated new romance book releases for December 2023.

On the Plus Side
by Jenny Howe

Reality TV Romance
Releasing December 26, 2023

Everly Winters is perfectly happy to navigate life like a good neutral paint color: appreciated but unnoticed. That’s why she’s still a receptionist instead of exploring a career in art, why she lurks but never posts on the forums for her favorite makeover show, On the Plus Side, and why she’s crushing so hard on her forever-unattainable co-worker. When no one notices you, they can’t reject you or insist you’re too much.

This plan is working perfectly until someone secretly nominates Everly for the next season of On the Plus Side. Overwhelmed by the show’s extremely extroverted hosts and how much time she’ll have to spend on screen, she finds comfort in a surprising friendship with the grumpy but kind cameraman, Logan.

Soon Everly realizes that he’s someone she doesn’t mind being noticed by. In fact, she might even like it.

But when their growing connection is caught on camera, it sends the show’s ratings into a frenzy. Learning to embrace all of herself on national TV is hard enough; can Everly risk heartbreak with the whole world watching?

I just love it when a book from an author I have never read before catches my eye and then over-delivers on my expectations. I’ve already read this new romance book release and absolutely adored it which is why it deserves a place on this list and on your TBR list.

I actually never watch reality TV because I cannot stand it, but I do love that kind of storyline in a romance book and Howe does it so well in On the Plus Side.

If you love books with adorable heroines and cinnamon roll heroes, you’re going to totally fall for Everly and Logan in this one. It’s a must-read for sure!

Check out why in my full book review of On the Plus Side.

What new romance book are YOU most excited to read this December 2023? Share in the comments below!

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