The 10 Hottest New Romance Books Releasing This July 2023

Don’t miss the hottest new romance book releases dropping in July 2023 that will bring all the steam and spice to your TBR list!

These are my top 10 new romance book releases of the month that I cannot wait to read and highly recommend to other romance book readers.

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Shameful Prowess is a new romance book release coming in June 2023.

Charlee Rae uses her powers of seduction to escape her poverty-stricken Mississippi town. The novel pivots among moments of romance, comedy, and scandalous drama, as Charlee begins to question her immoral choices.

Filled with the relatable struggles of everyday life, an inspiring message of transformation, and sometimes shocking moments of manipulation, Shameful Prowess is a thought-provoking debut.

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Most Anticipated New Romance Books Coming July 2023:

Kiss Me Mi Amor is one of the most anticipated new romance book releases coming July 2023 See all hottest romance book releases coming this month on this book list from She Reads Romance Books.

Kiss Me, Mi Amor
by Alana Quintana Albertson

Fake Relationship Romance
Releasing July 4, 2023

Enrique Montez, smooth-talking heir to the Taco King empire, is man enough to admit that he made a critical error when he underestimated Carolina Flores.

The agricultural hotshot should have been an easy conquest—who would turn down the chance to partner with California’s largest fast-food chain?

But instead of signing her name on the dotted line, Carolina has Enrique eating out of the palm of her hand, and when fate steps in with an unexpected opportunity, Enrique is willing to do whatever it takes to capture her heart.

Growing up as the daughter of farmworkers, Carolina spent her youth picking strawberries in the fields of Santa Maria and vowing to improve the lives of people like her parents.

Now, as one of only a few Latina farm owners, she has no time for romance and she’s certainly not about to let the notorious Montez brother anywhere near her business—even if just being near Enrique makes her skin tingle.

But she is willing to let him help get her overinvolved family off her back. When Carolina’s father and her lovelorn sisters mistake Enrique for her (nonexistent) boyfriend, she reluctantly agrees to a series of pretend dates to their town’s traditional Mexican-American holiday celebrations.

Soon the fake feelings turn real and both Carolina and Enrique must convince each other to take a chance on love before their vacation romance is over.

There is so much to love about this upcoming romance book!  I’m always up for a great fake relationship romance, plus I love the diversity both characters represent.

I’m excited to meet Carolina and learn more about agriculture from her perspective!

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Business or Pleasure is one of the most anticipated new romance book releases coming July 2023 See all hottest romance book releases coming this month on this book list from She Reads Romance Books.

Business or Pleasure
by Rachel Lynn Soloman

Relationship Coach Romance
Releasing July 4, 2023

Chandler Cohen has never felt more like the ghost in “ghostwriter” until she attends a signing for a book she wrote—and the author doesn’t even recognize her.

The evening turns more promising when she meets a charming man at the bar and immediately connects with him.

But when all their tension culminates in a spectacularly awkward hookup, she decides this is one night better off forgotten.
Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Her next project is ghostwriting a memoir for Finn Walsh, a C-list actor best known for playing a lovable nerd on a cult classic werewolf show who now makes a living appearing at fan conventions across the country.

Chandler knows him better from their one-night stand of hilarious mishaps.
Chandler’s determined to keep their partnership as professional as possible, but when she admits to Finn their night together wasn’t as mind-blowing as he thought it was, he’s distraught.

He intrigues her enough that they strike a deal: when they’re not working on his book, Chandler will school Finn in the art of satisfaction.

As they grow closer both in and out of the bedroom, they must figure out which is more important, business or pleasure—or if there’s a way for them to have both.

This book sounds so amazing!! I adore books about writers AND I adore books that play on the relationship coach trope and this one incorporates both.

I can only think of a few romance books where it’s the male lead who needs the instructional help in the bedroom and I’m all for another one.

I’ve been waiting for this book for a while as it is one of my most anticipated romance books of 2023 so here’s hoping it delivers!

Check out my book review of Business or Pleasure.

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Forget Me Not is one of the most anticipated new romance book releases coming July 2023 See all hottest romance book releases coming this month on this book list from She Reads Romance Books.

Forget Me Not
by Julie Soto

Second Chance Romance
Releasing July 11, 2023

Ama Torres is an optimistic wedding planner who doesn’t believe in marriage. But weddings? They’re amazing.

Elliot Bloom is a brooding florist who hates owning a flower shop…until a certain bright-eyed, donut-loving workaholic shows up at his door.

Once upon a time, they collaborated on events by day, and by night, Ama traced the intricate flower tattoos etched along his body. Then Ama shattered his heart and never spoke to Elliot again.    

Now they’re working on an event that could make or break both of their careers—except neither of them has gotten over what happened two years ago.

Things are not helped by the two brides, who see the obvious chemistry between Ama and Elliot and are determined to set them up, not knowing their complicated history.

But as the wedding takes on a life of its own, Ama and Elliot are about to discover that some things can survive a complete catastrophe.

There’s also something special about books that hook you right from the first chapter and never let go. That’s precisely what Soto did in her debut novel that I had to read in one sitting it was that good.

The story revolves around Ama, a wedding planner who doesn’t believe in marriage because her mother has been married 16 times. And yet Alma can’t help but fall for Elliot the grump of a florist.

Forget Me Not was the perfect second chance romance and grumpy sunshine love story that was sweet, endearing, and tugged on all of my heartstrings.

Check out my review of Forget Me Not.

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Out on a Limb is one of the most anticipated new romance book releases coming July 2023 See all hottest romance book releases coming this month on this book list from She Reads Romance Books.

Out on a Limb
by Hannah Bonam-Young

Surprise Pregnancy Romance
Releasing July 11, 2023

Winnifred “Win” McNulty has always been wildly independent. Not one to be coddled for her limb difference, Win has spent most of her life trying to prove that she can do it all on her own.

And, with some minor adjustments, she’s done just fine.

That is until she has a one-night stand with the incredibly charming Bo, a perfect stranger. And that one night changes everything.

While Bo is surprisingly elated to step up to the plate, Win finds herself unsure of whether she can handle this new challenge on her own or if she’ll need a helping hand.

Together, Win and Bo decide to get to know one another as friends and nothing more. But, as they both should know by now, life rarely goes according to plan.

Bonam-Young captivated me with Next to You last year so I could not wait to get my hands on her next release and it did not disappoint!

I was immediately drawn to Out on a Limb given the diversity its characters represented, however, this book is so much more than limb difference. I can’t recommend it enough.

Check out my review of Out on a Limb.

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Snow Place Like LA is one of the most anticipated new romance book releases coming July 2023 See all hottest romance book releases coming this month on this book list from She Reads Romance Books.

There’s Snow Place Like LA
by Julie Murphy and Sierra Simone

Contemporary Romance
Releasing July 11, 2023

After Angel and Luca connected on the set of Duke the Halls and had a whirlwind romance in the literal snow globe of Christmas Notch, Vermont, Luca found himself falling in love. Hard.

He’d never been one to believe in fate or true love, but one thing was certain: Angel was his person. He knew it as well as he knew the history of American figure skating.

But when Angel left for an art school semester abroad without a word, Luca’s already brittle heart was broken. No one ghosted Luca. Unless he was in a haunted house.

But with the spring semester long over, Angel is back home in Los Angeles for the summer, and unfortunately for Luca, this big town is turning out to be smaller than either of them ever expected.

If you want something short, light but steamy, you cannot miss this novella from the amazing writing duo of Murphy and Simone.

Their Christmas romance, A Merry Little Meet Cute, was so much fun to read so I’m excited to see Luca and Angel’s story continue in the newest release from writing duo Murphy and Simone.

I have no doubt that it’s going to be hilarious, HOT and maybe a bit dirty 😊.

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Hello Stranger is one of the most anticipated new romance book releases coming July 2023 See all hottest romance book releases coming this month on this book list from She Reads Romance Books.

Hello Stranger
by Katherine Center

Contemporary Romance
Releasing July 11, 2023

Sadie Montogmery has had good breaks and bad breaks in her life, but as a struggling artist, all she needs is one lucky break.

Things seem to be going her way when she lands one of the coveted finalist spots in a portrait competition.

It happens to coincide with a surgery she needs to have. Minor, they say. Less than a week in the hospital they say. Nothing about you will change, they say.

Upon recovery, it begins to dawn on Sadie that she can see everything around her, but she can no longer see faces.

As she struggles to cope—and hang onto her artistic dreams—she finds solace in her fourteen-year-old dog, Peanut. When Peanut gets sick, she rushes him to the emergency vet nearby.

That’s when she meets veterinarian Dr. Addison. And she’s pleasantly surprised when he asks her on a date.

But she doesn’t want anyone to know about her face blindness. Least of all Joe, her obnoxious neighbor who always wears a bowling jacket and seems to know everyone in the building.

He’s always there at the most embarrassing but convenient times, and soon, they develop a sort of friendship. But could it be something more?

As Sadie tries to save her career, confront her haunting past, and handle falling in love with two different guys she realizes that happiness can be found in the places—and people— you least expect.

Center goes all in when it comes to her character development and I admit that I’m already captivated by Sadie and can’t wait to read her story.

We base so much on the physical but what happens when that is taken out of the love equation? I look forward to finding out in Sadie’s case.

Check out my book review of Hello Stranger.

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The Duchess Effect is one of the most anticipated new romance book releases coming July 2023 See all hottest romance book releases coming this month on this book list from She Reads Romance Books.

The Duchess Effect
by Tracey Livesay

Royal Romance
Releasing July 11, 2023

Against all odds, American rapper, Danielle “Duchess” Nelson and brilliant reclusive royal Prince Jameson have fallen in love!

They’ve decided to take their relationship public and find a way to make their two worlds coexist. On their terms.

Unfortunately, falling in love was the easy part as their increasing popularity comes with a price.

Dani looks forward to signing the deal with a major cosmetics company but the company wants to take advantage of their fame and involve Jameson in Mela-Skin’s marketing campaign.

After stepping up for the royal family, Jameson yearns to retreat back into academia. But he’s fired when his university raises concerns about his newfound notoriety.

And suddenly the queen, initially against the relationship, backtracks, seeing their cooperation when the family is embroiled in yet another scandal.

Dani and Jameson truly love each other. But under the scrutiny of the international spotlight, when the doubts, compromises, and secrets begin to take their toll, will their love be enough?

I enjoyed Livesay’s most anticipated 2021 release, American Royalty, so of course I’m looking forward to reading the sequel to get more of Duchess and Prince Jameson.

I adore romance novels that follow couples AFTER they initially get together and it looks like Duchess and Prince Jameson have their work cut out for themselves given the media attention and lack of support from the Crown.

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A Soul of Ash and Blood is one of the most anticipated new romance book releases coming July 2023 See all hottest romance book releases coming this month on this book list from She Reads Romance Books.

A Soul of Ash and Blood
by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Fantasy Romance
Releasing July 18, 2023

A great primal power has risen. The Queen of Flesh and Fire has become the Primal of Blood and Bone—the true Primal of Life and Death.

And the battle Casteel, Poppy, and their allies have been fighting has only just begun. Gods are awakening across Iliseeum and the mortal realm, readying for the war to come.

But when Poppy falls into stasis, Cas faces the very real possibility that the dire, unexpected consequences of what she is becoming could take her away from him.

Cas is given some advice, though—something he plans to cling to as he waits to see her beautiful eyes open once more: Talk to her.

And so, he does. He reminds Poppy how their journey began, revealing things about himself that only Kieran knows in the process.

But it’s anybody’s guess what she’ll wake to or exactly how much of the realm and Cas will have changed when she does.

OMG, OMG, OMG!!! I love Armentrout’s From Blood and Ash series so much and I am so excited that she’s taking us back to the very beginning and giving us Hawke’s point of view. Gah!

This month is a great time to binge-read this series if you haven’t already or to give it a reread. Check out my book review of A Soul of Ash and Blood.

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The Summer Girl is one of the most anticipated new romance book releases coming July 2023 See all hottest romance book releases coming this month on this book list from She Reads Romance Books.

The Summer Girl
by Elle Kennedy

Friends to Lovers Romance
Releasing July 18, 2023

College student Cassie Soul hasn’t spent an entire summer in Avalon Bay in years, not since her parents divorced and her mother spitefully whisked her away to Boston.

Now that her grandmother is selling the boardwalk hotel that’s been in their family for five decades, Cassie returns to the quaint beach town, excited to spend time with family, ring in her twenty-first birthday…and maybe find herself a summer fling.

She’s ready for breathless, heart-pounding passion. And on her first night in town, she finds the perfect candidate: Tate Bartlett, Avalon Bay’s fun-loving golden boy.

Tate, sailing instructor and lovable player, is no stranger to flings. In fact, he’s always down for a good time. But…maybe not this time?

The moment he meets Cassie, he knows she’s not the girl you play games with, and the last thing he wants to do is risk breaking her heart. So, despite his attraction to her, he turns her down.

But that awkward hiccup doesn’t stop a friendship from developing between the two. Tate even helps Cassie find that fling she’s so set on finding. Only it isn’t long before he’s wondering if he made a huge mistake.

As Cassie and Tate walk the line between friends and lovers, they’re about to discover that their situation is the least complicated part of this equation. Because Avalon Bay is full of secrets—and their relationship might not survive when one secret in particular comes to light.

This book made my best summer reads of 2023 list because I’m loving the different characters in Kennedy’s Avalon Bay series and think that The Summer Girl will make the perfect beach read this year.

Tate already peaked my interest in Bad Girl Reputation, and I cannot wait to see how he navigates his feelings for Cassie in this one.

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The Rebel King is one of the most anticipated new romance book releases coming July 2023 See all hottest romance book releases coming this month on this book list from She Reads Romance Books.

The Rebel King
by Gina L. Maxwell

Contemporary Fantasy Romance Book
Releasing July 25, 2023

Of all the Verran brothers, Tiernan is the least suited to wear the Night Court crown.

The Rebel Prince is happy with no responsibilities or accountability—just the freedom to pursue his own dark, lush pleasures in Sin City. Including his secret hunger for a certain smart-mouthed, fiery redhead.

Only, the possibility of having Fiona is stripped away when Tiernan is thrust into the one role he never wanted: king.

As king of the Dark Fae, wanting—let alone pursuing—anything with a lower-caste fae like Fiona would shift from fun…to forbidden.

Now a battle is emerging from the shadows of Vegas, and Tiernan is caught between who he’s meant to be and who he wants.

And somewhere in this maelstrom of lust, love, and rebellion is the key to the Dark Fae’s survival…even if the cost is more than he can imagine.

I REALLY liked Tiernan and Fiona in The Dark King so I’m super excited to get their story this month.

Here’s hoping it’s super steamy because I think these two can bring it!

I’m a sucker for a great fantasy romance but I love that this is a contemporary fantasy romance that might intrigue others as well.

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What do you think of these new romance book releases for July 2023?

Don’t forget to add these titles to your “to read” list and then be sure to share your most anticipated romance book release coming this July in the comments below.

Happy reading….because life is better with a love story!

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