What to Read & What to Skip: My September Reading List

Check out the romance books I read this month and discover which I would recommend you read and which romance novels I suggest you skip.

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Discover which romance books you should read and which books you should skip from She Reads Romance Books September 2020 Reading list.

September was a great month of reading for me!

I didn’t read as many books as I usually do since I added homeschooling to my already busy plate, but reading at night after a full day always helps me to unwind.

I love falling into a new world, learning something new and of course finding new book boyfriends to love.

This month I decided to catch up on a few books that I realized I had on my Most Anticipated Romance Books of 2020 list but hadn’t gotten around to reading yet. I remedied that real quick and have just one to go.

I also sunk into a historical romance that took me a few days to read because I was soaking up each and every word. It inspired me to update my list of best historical romance novels so be sure to check that one out after reading this list of books to read and skip.

This month you’ll see that I chose quite a few different tropes with a few new releases and some throw backs as well. Of course I also fit in a book or two to match this month’s Romance Book Reading Challenge.

There are just SO many romance books to read and as always I want to help you find the best romance books worth reading and to help you weed out those you should skip!

Check out my favorites and my not-so favorites books that I read in September below.

My September 2020 Reading List: What to Read & What to Skip

Favorite Book of the Month:

The Rivals is the latest contemporary romance book from popular romance book author, Vi Keeland. This enemies to lovers romance novel features one of the sexiest dirty talkers in romance. Read the book review from romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books to see if you’ll find this book worth reading.

The Rivals
by Vi Keeland

Published July 2020
An Enemies to Lovers Romance with the Best Dirty Talker
5 Stars

The Lockwood and the Sterling families have been feuding for years, and that hasn’t changed now that they are co-owners of a luxury hotel.

Weston Lockwood has never failed to push all of Sophia Sterling’s buttons and get under her skin. The trouble is, every time they fight, she somehow winds up under HIM.

Well I found another all-time favorite book from Vi Keeland. And…I have found one of my all-time favorite dirty talking boyfriends!

I knew this book was going to sizzle based on the book synopsis but it exceeded my expectations. I’ll be adding this to my Best Enemies to Lovers Romance Books list for sure! A must read for all book boyfriend fans. [Read more]

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More Books To Read and Those to Skip:

Irrestistible is the latest contemporary romance book from popular romance book author, R.L. Mathewson. Fans of the surprise pregnancy romance trope will want to check out this novel. Read the book review from romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books to see if you’ll find this book worth reading.

by R.L. Mathewson

Published February 2020
A Surprise Pregnancy Romance
3 stars

Aiden couldn’t stop thinking about Melanie but their one night together led to a consequence he wasn’t expecting. Now he needs to figure out how to fix things or risk losing her.

I’m not sure that I have looked forward to a Neighbors From Hell series book more than Irresistible which is why it was on my Most Anticipated Romance Books for 2020 list.

It was 4 YEARS since the last book in this series was published so to be honest, I had a hard time remembering who Aiden was initially.

Surprised pregnancy books aren’t usually my thing, but I loved how Aiden and Melanie finally found a way to get to know one another. I just wanted to see more of their connection.

I honestly would recommend reading Mathewson’s book, Fire and Brimstone before reading this one as I’m not sure you’d completely follow it as a standalone. [My Review]

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Where the Lost Wander is the latest historical romance book from popular romance book author, Amy Harmon. This historical romance novel will captivate you as you discover life on the Oregon Trail. Read the book review from romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books to see if you’ll find this book worth reading.

Where the Lost Wander
by Amy Harmon

Published April 2020
A Vivid Historical Romance
5 stars

Naomi and her family set out on the Oregon Trail for a better life in California where she meets and falls for a half-Pawnee man. But life on the Trail is filled with hardship and death and staying together may be the toughest thing of all.

This amazing historical romance novel consumed me for days. I had to read it so slowly so that I wouldn’t miss a single detail.

Harmon’s words are so captivating that you feel like you are on the wagon trail along with them. I loved Naomi’s boldness and John’s quiet confidence. I highly recommend this to all historical romance fans. [My Review]

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The Set Up is the latest contemporary sports romance book by Meghan Quinn that released in September 2020. If you college romance books featuring athletes, then you’ll love this must read book. Book review by She Reads Romance Books

The Set Up
by Meghan Quinn

Published September 2020
A College Athletes Romance
4 stars

Lincoln has one of those meddling moms who is dead set on finding him a girl. He has to admit, she may actually be onto something when she sets him up with Indie, a fellow athlete at Brentwood University.

I totally fell for Lincoln and Indie and their friends with benefits relationship. The beginning was this perfect slow burn plus we meet a number of new characters which I hope get their own books soon.

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Chasing Cassandra book cover.

Chasing Cassandra
by Lisa Kleypas

Published February 2020
A “Will He Open His Heart” Historical Romance
4 stars

Wealthy railway magnet, Tom Severin takes one look at Lady Cassandra Ravenel and wants her for his wife. Cassandra is attracted to Tom but she is determined to marry for love and that is the one thing the man of wealth and influence cannot give her.

There’s just something about a Lisa Kleypas novel that is completely enthralling. Chasing Cassandra had been on my Most Anticipated Romance Books of 2020 list and it did not disappoint.

I’m not sure who I liked more, Cassandra who wouldn’t settle for less, or Tom who finally opened his heart to love.

This was a wonderful read that Kleypas fans and historical romance fans will enjoy.

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Finding Dandelion book cover

Finding Dandelion
by Lex Martin

Published July 2014
College Romance With Drama
3 stars

Jax Avery has a reputation not only as a soccer all-star on campus but also as quite the manwhore. Yet, hooking up with Dani at a club one night, he’s tempted for the first time to want more.

Dani didn’t realize she hooked up with her roommate’s brother, Jax, but when he doesn’t recognize her after their tryst, perhaps she’ll be able to get over him once and for all.

This book was my pick for the September Romance Book Reading Challenge where the challenge was to read one college romance book.

The over the top drama surrounding their relationship kept me from loving this book but it was a good, quick read.

If you’re good with insta love and DRAMA in your college romance, then you may like it.

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Get Over You is a contemporary romance book by new romance book author, Skylar Hunter. This thought second chance romance novel features an NFL quarterback and the woman who broke his heart. Read the book review from romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books to see if you’ll find this book worth reading

Get Over You
by Skylar Hunter

Published September 2020
*advanced reader copy
Second Chance Football Romance
3 stars

Reyes surprises the world when he takes his football talents to another team after winning two Super Bowls. Why the move? He’s returning to his hometown where SHE is. The one who broke his heart. But he never got over her and he wants her back…and a bit of revenge too.

This is a second chance romance that burned with hot chemistry. It’s the debut novel from Hunter who clearly was meant to write romance.

I liked the beginning where the tension between Reyes and Emerson was sizzling but multiple plotlines were added in the second half which took away from their central love story for me.

A good read overall but could have been phenomenal. [My Review]

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Lush Money book cover.

Lush Money
by Angelina M. Lopez

Published October 2019
Intriguing Billionaire Entraps A Royal Romance
4 stars

Roxanne is a self-made billionaire and she’s just negotiated her most important business deal yet. She’s offering a marriage of convenience and three nights a month to bail out Mateo’s impoverished kingdom. In exchange, he has to give her a baby.

This is a great debut novel that turns the tables on your standard billionaire romance. Roxanne is the one with the funds and the guarded heart who’s out to use Mateo for his body to fulfill her latest desire.

Lush Money has everything I enjoy about reading great romance. I loved how Mateo is disgusted by how willingly he agrees to Roxanne’s contract and yet he can’t help his attraction to her.

It’s a great dynamic to see play out through the pages. A great read for those who love billionaire or royal romances!

What was your favorite romance book to read in September 2020? Share below!

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