The Top 10 Romance Book Lists of 2021 That Give You the Best Books Worth Reading

Check out which romance book lists were the most popular on She Reads Romance Books in 2021.

With these book lists, you’ll never be without a romance book worth reading. Plus, you’ll probably find a great book boyfriend or two…or three…

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Discover the top 10 most popular romance book lists of 2021 on She Reads Romance Books, the romance book blog that helps romance book readers find the best books worth reading.

Happy New Year!

While I hope 2021 was a good one for you, I wish you an even better year to come in 2022. 

Are you ready for it? I am!

With 2022 literally right around the corner, I wanted to take a moment to look back at 2021 and see which romance book lists were the favorites of the year.

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Of course, newly published romance book lists haven’t been live long enough to necessarily claim a spot in the top 10, but the following are my most popular romance book lists of the year.

Have you checked them out?!

Romance Book Lists on She Reads Romance Books

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Now let’s get to the top 10 romance book lists of 2021.

Take a look at each list and get your 2022 reading list set and ready with these book recommendations!

Let’s do things David Letterman style and count backwards, starting with list #10.

Top 10 Romance Book Lists of 2021:

#10: Romance Books to Watch on Passionflix

Check out the latest romantic movies made from the books you love with this Passionflix movie list.

Passionflix is AMAZING because it’s a platform devoted to adapting our favorite romance books into movies and TV series! 

If you love to see actors and actresses bring your favorite characters to life, then check out this book list of romance books to watch on Passionflix (and those in the works!).

A new movie is dropping this February!

Discover what other romance books to movies and TV series are coming out in 2022 too.

#9: Friends to Lovers Books That Will Tug on your Heart Strings

Friends to Lovers romance books book list.

There’s just something about taking a friendship to the next level that brings all kinds of feels. 

If this is a favorite trope of yours, you’ll want to check out this list of my favorite friends to lovers romance books!

#8: Erotic Romance Novels for the Virgin Reader

List of the best erotic romance novels.

This is one of my own most favorite romance book lists because I start it by dispelling myths about erotic romance novels before sharing my most favorites of the genre.

Ready to add some spice to your romance reading? Check out the book list of the best erotic romance novels!

#7: Billionaire Romance Novels Featuring Hot Heroes with Big Bank Accounts

Book list of the best billionaire romance books.

This book list title couldn’t be more true! Who doesn’t love a hot romance hero who comes with a HUGE….um…bank account among other things. 

You could fill your TBR list with this book list of my favorite and the most popular billionaire romance novels worth reading!

#6: College Romance Books So Good They Earn an A+

Check out the romance book list of the best college romance books worth reading.

There’s just something about finding love during the college years that I love so much. These are the new adult romance books that I can’t get enough of whether they feature college athletes or just young adults finding their way.

This book list of the best college romance books will keep you busy for months! 

Discover even more books to read with my favorite teen romance books and teacher student romance books.

#5: The Best Romance Book Series to Binge Read

Check out the romance book list of the best romance book series to binge read from romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

This romance book list has consistently been a popular one because it’s SO fun to dive into a series of books that consume you. 

I’m currently making my way through a series and it’s reminding me of how much I love to stay with a series and follow characters throughout multiple books. 

Ready to dive into a series, check out my list of my most favorite bingeable romance book series.

If you love romance book series, you’ll want to dive into these romance book lists as well:

#4: Must Read MM Romance Books

Check out this romance book list of the best MM romance books from romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

MM romance books are definitely one of my most favorite romance book categories and I loved every one of these books featured in this list. 

If you haven’t read these books yet, get on it! Check out the best MM romance books you must read.

Like MM romances with a bit of heat and tension? Don’t miss the best enemies to lovers romance books in MM romance.

#3: 25 Spellbinding Fantasy Romance Books Every Fantasy Lover Must Read

Discover the best fantasy romance books worth reading from popular romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books. Check out the full list of her most favorite fantasy romance books and the most popular in the genre.

2021 was the year I fell in love with fantasy romance books! I’m all about contemporary and historical romance but now fantasy is a definite on my reading list.

I’m pretty particular though, when it comes to the fantasy romance books I enjoy, and I’ve listed the best fantasy romance books in this popular book list.

#2: The Best Historical Romance Novels to Make You Fall in Love with the Genre

Best historical romance novels are listed in this romance book list.

Oh, to be swept away with a historical romance novel. I absolutely love it and apparently so do a lot of my followers, making my best historical romance novels list one of the most popular of the year. 

There is a lot to uncover with this book list, giving you selections by time period as well as my favorites!

#1: The Best Enemies to Lovers Romance Books To Read Right Now

Discover the best enemies to lovers books in this popular romance book list from romance book blogger, She Reads Romance Books.

And the #1 most popular book list is… the best enemies to lovers books! This book list has consistently been my most popular post and I can understand why. I LOVE this trope so, so much. 

The tension, the chemistry, the angst, ugh, what doesn’t this trope have? It’s my favorite and you can find my favorite books which I continually update. Check it out!

The Best Romance Books of 2021

That takes care of the best romance book lists of 2021 but what about the best romance books of 2021?

Well, you’re in luck because I have a list of those too.

Check out which romance books of 2021 took the awards for best book boyfriend, best cast of characters, best couple, best enemies to lovers book and more in my Best Romance Books of 2021 list.

Wonder what other readers thought were the best romance books of 2021? Then you’ll want to see the nominees for best romance book in the 2021 Goodreads Choice Awards.

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